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Weight Loss and Diets

What are Weight Loss Supplements?

Losing weight and getting into shape is something that millions of people are trying to do each and every single day. The problem of obesity is at an all time high these days and the last thing that most people would want is to become a statistic.

Counting Calories WORKS!

How do I know that counting calories works? Easy. My husband, who does not cook, had to fend for himself during the 18 months I was in Alabama.

He lived on frozen food, which he actually chose with the idea of eating at about 2,000 calories a day. Gradually, he raised the amount of calories he took in every day. When he was at the weight he wanted to be at, his calorie intake was 2,800 calories.

Since he has to lift 50 packages at work, he also gets a lot of exercise in during the day.

He went from weighting 187 pounds to weight 165 pounds. At six feet tall, he felt that hed lost enough.

And I never thought Id say this, but Ive been sabotaging his weight loss ever since I got back. He put his foot down after hed gained back 7 pounds.

Weight Loss WITHOUT Dieting

My message is really simple. Im fifty-one years old and if I can lose weight, you can lose weight.

I started out two years ago at a little over 330 pounds. Im now at 280. Thats losing a safe, comfortable 2 pounds a month. I have a hundred more to go, but it took me almost 20 years to gain this weight back. (Ill talk about my first round of weight loss in another article.)

So, how did I lose the weight?

I hate to tell you this, but I did not diet. There was no weight loss program involved. Although I will have to correct my highly unhealthy eating habits to lose the rest of weight.

It's Difficult to Keep the Weight Off

Losing weight might seem to be a difficult task, but it's nowhere near as tough as keeping it off!
Recent studies have indicated that half the population in the developed world is overweight, and of those, around a third are so overweight they are classified as obese. It's little wonder that the diet, fitness and weight loss industries are so profitable, in fact each is a multi billion dollar market.

Unfortunately, many, if not most, of the diets being promoted offer a less than ideal nutritional answer to what the body needs. The human body is a complex thing, and it needs a wide variety of nutrients. The typical weight loss diet offers a limited range of foods, and is most likely unsustainable, particularly those targeting a very low calorie intake.

So how do you lose that extra weight, and more importantly keep it off without going to ridiculous lengths and becoming a "dieting tragedy?" Here are few simple ideas to get you started on the right track:er.
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